4 Colorful Landscaping Ideas For Commercial Properties for Fall In Michiana

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Those final days of summer are slowly slipping away, moving us into the refreshing and often-preferred season of autumn. Cooler temperatures are easier on the human body. We enjoy the crisp chill beginning to permeate the air. This chill reminds us it is almost time to ready our property for winter. Autumn landscaping means we should water deeply and plan for that final feeding for our trees, shrubs and perennial plants. A fresh layer of mulch can perk up the overall look of our outdoors. It is also the perfect time to add new trees, shrubs, and flowers for continued beauty in the landscape. Of course, you’ll want low-maintenance specimens that normally exist on rainfall alone or with limited irrigation when they’re established.

Plant Trees

As cool weather is easier on us, so it is with the plant material we’ll grow in our commercial landscape. Planting now provides plenty of time for a good root system to develop without competition from the upper part of the tree, such as when they leaf out in spring. Planting these valuable specimens in autumn helps avoid heat stress and lessens chances of disease that sometimes occur in summer. Cooler nights with warm days and rainfall make autumn a great time to plant. We recommend having new specimens in the ground by October in our area.

Consider adding those ornamental maples you’ve wanted for your landscape. The cinnamon-brownish red bark of the exfoliating paperbark maple grabs your attention in the drab winter landscape. This beautiful tree is small enough to plant in a limited landscape but grows big enough to provide summer shade. Include a bench underneath if space allows.

Plant a few evergreens for a glimpse of greenery on those snowy winter days. If you have a spot near the entrance, add a cheerful focal point close to the sidewalk or entrance. A few ornamental plantings spruce up that sea of asphalt and may actually motivate your employees as they walk by.


Add low-care shrubs near the foundation of the building, or replace those that have served their purpose. Grow a hedge, if you have an appropriate area. Plant shrubs in masses. Consider planting the often-neglected evergreen Yew shrub, with red winter berries called arils. Yews happily take shearing, so they are perfect for a hedge. They’re drought tolerant and exist with little maintenance.

Hollies are an easy-care evergreen shrub. Not all have prickly leaves, such as the slender sky pencil. Some have red winter berries, needing a male plant to pollinate the females for berry development. If you’re in need of a security barrier in some areas, consider hollies with spiny points on the leaves.


Fall is a good time to think ahead about next years’ landscape and get those spring blooming bulbs in the ground. Tulips, daffodils, Iris’ and lilies are always a welcome sight in spring. While you’re working the soil, add cool season color to last until winter’s snow and freezing temperatures arrive. Mums and pansies are traditional plants for the fall, with good reason. Cheerful colors and seasonal appreciation make these plants perfect for this time of year. Autumn landscaping is about looking to the immediate and distant future.

Decorate for the Season

Autumn holds a couple of special holidays that have traditional decorations. Some of these might not be appropriate for your business, while other are perfect. You probably wouldn’t want to decorate with black cats, jack-o-lanterns or turkeys, but corn stalks and uncarved pumpkins show your appreciation for the season. Pair these with the mums you’re planting outside. Keep some of the flowers in containers to display in a woven basket, lined with plastic so water won’t spill through. Add a few bales of straw outside as the base for these decorations and share the joy of Thanksgiving appreciation.

You likely have other ideas to incorporate with these suggestions. Contact us to get started on the autumn landscaping upgrade for your commercial property.

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