5 Innovative Outdoor Workspace Ideas For Office Parks

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Few people enjoy being stuck indoors all day, and chances are your employees are no exception. Creating an outdoor office park gives employees the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight while they recharge or get some work done. Visitors and employees can both benefit from seeing a more relaxed and nature-friendly side of the business. Studies show that time outdoors can reduce stress, improve productivity and even strengthen the immune system. There are several innovative ways to get started on your own office park.

Shady Areas

Sunlight is important but if you want comfortable guests and employees, you need to give them options. Providing several areas where people can relax or work in a shaded space is a great way to do that. In addition, most electronic screens are difficult to see in direct sunlight. Thus, having some spots with a bit of shade will increase the chances of employees getting work done. During warmer months, shaded areas also provide much-needed relief from the hot sun.

Internet Access

Wherever people are gathered there must also be internet access. At least, that’s what many people have come to expect. Making your office park wifi accessible is a must. Doing so allows employees the freedom to relax, without having to disconnect from the digital world. They can also choose to continue their internet-based work activity from the comfort of an outdoor space. For security purposes, two separate wifi networks should exist, one that is secure and only accessible to employees inside and another that is available to visitors and those working outside.

Power Sources

It’s important to remember the “office” aspect of an office park. If you’re only providing a shady place to sit, employees are likely to see the area as just a place to relax and not an outdoor extension of the office environment. This can lead to lost time and productivity. Adding power sources where employees can charge their phones and computers creates a more corporate feel and lets users know that the office park is both for relaxing and getting work done.

Outdoor Seating

Without the appropriate outdoor seating, your commercial office park is really more of a park than an office space. Fortunately, patio furniture, benches, and outdoor lounge chairs are all affordable and comfortable options that let employees know that you’re encouraging fun and productivity. Adding a larger seating area that can double as a place to hold meetings will please both visitors and employees. Be sure to pick seat cushions that are ergonomically-friendly and designed to weather the elements.


The great outdoors often means wide open spaces, but an office park should offer some degree of privacy. You can achieve this with the help of shrubs, ornamental grasses and even perennial flowers, which create a lovely and ever-changing landscape that attracts people to space. Adding a few walking paths lets employees stretch their legs while making the area feel larger. Paths also help people find their way around larger office parks, which is helpful when hosting meetings or work-sponsored social gatherings. They also give you a high degree of control over which areas people can congregate in and can prove advantageous when you want to move crowds away from entrances/exits or parking lots.

Office parks have become increasingly popular with large and trendy companies. But even if you’re not a corporate behemoth, you can still create a warm and welcoming outdoor space for guests and employees alike. Best of all, creating an office park is often affordable and quick and easy to do. Whatever innovative ideas you choose for your space, your employees are sure to enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

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