5 Inspiring Outdoor Workspace Ideas For Office Parks

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Let’s imagine the life of an office worker. They’re inside from 8-5. Sitting, snacking, yawning. Maybe the walls are orange or some other lively color. Or maybe they’re gray and can’t be seen behind cubicles. It’s a tired place, but what can we do about it? This is just how most offices are set up, and for good reason. This is a workplace.

Yet near the office building there are likely more offices, creating the familiar “Office Park.” This area is not just about the buildings’ architectures and functions. Though you hope for a certain aesthetic to show in the symmetry of windows and the geometry of the buildings themselves, adding a beautiful and functional outdoor workspace will bring a certain ambiance to the area and allow joy to enter the days of local employees.

Are you unsure how to go about installing an outdoor workspace? We invite you to read on, as we have put together five ideas sure to inspire.

1.) Don’t be Afraid of Color

The invigorating feeling of sun and flowers can add a wonderful flow to life at a business park. Flowers bring a calming, peaceful effect with them, but they also liven up an atmosphere. It’s their organic feel, their flow with other natural beings, and the way they capture the movement of air. Flowers add beauty wherever they go, and beauty brings a certain happiness. Consider choosing some indigenous perennials for the center of your new outdoor workspace, creating a small garden focal point, and use the power of ferns and spider plants and other easily-cared-for greenery to frame and fill in space. Alternately, you can mix and match. The possibilities are endless!

2.) Provide Unique, Comfortable Seating Areas

Set out chairs so that individuals can work in solitude, but have some space for meeting areas, too. By placing four or five chairs around a coffee table, you will be allowing group work to be done, or facilitating a lively brainstorming session. Ensure comfort and add to the color of the space with cushions which compliment the colors of nearby flowers. Consider changing out cushions as the seasons change to add ongoing interest and the element of surprise to the space. Make sure that some seating is made private through using bushes and trees, and that other seating is open for group gatherings.

3.) Incorporate the Power of Tables

There’s a reason that conference rooms are furnished with tables, and that dining rooms are set with tables too. The table holds the power of community. It’s where we can come together in one place to chat and accomplish. It’s where we can lay out our thoughts and get some real work done. A table is a place where laptops and papers can be set while allowing for a more community feel than solitary desks allow.

4.) The Necessities of Shade and Wi-Fi

Since not everyone loves the sun on them all the time (and laptop screens need shade too), it will be necessary to incorporate shade. This can be done through nearby trees, installing pergolas with vines, setting out large umbrellas, or hanging shade cloths. In addition to shade, you will need to install outdoor outlets next to seating areas and Wi-Fi access to the entire outdoor area. These are simple thoughts, but can often be overlooked in such a project so we felt them necessary to include.

5.) Think of it as a Room to be Decorated

This idea simply takes the idea of interior design and sets it in motion outdoors. Think about the size of your entire outdoor workspace. Is it a winding hallway with lots of grooves or one big oval? Look at the entire shape and fill it in with the above ideas. Create little areas out of the one big area and use the power of color to bring the entire space together. When deciding on types of seating and shapes of tables, look at the shape of the entire area for inspiration. Use walkways to guide employees through the entirety of the space.

To learn more about how Pemberton Landscaping can help your business create an office park, contact us today.

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