7 Top Reasons You Should Hire a Commercial Landscape Company for Your Business

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Even if you provide outstanding business services, you may fail to get enough customers to make a profit if your business property turns people off and looks messy and uninviting. As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about your landscape when you give the job to a professional. Here are seven of the main reasons to hire a commercial landscape company for your business.

A Huge Time-Saver

As most business owners know, running a successful business involves working long hours. Your top priority as a business owner should focus on your services, your clients, managing employees, sitting through meetings, and other tasks. Let’s face it. A full agenda doesn’t leave much or anytime for installing and caring for a landscape. That’s why more and more busy business people are handing over the job of landscaping to commercial landscape professionals who have the proper skills and experience in this line of work.

A Good First Impression

One of the top reasons you should hire a commercial landscape company is that a beautiful landscape gives people passing by your business a positive image of your company. Just as most people tend to judge a book by its cover, they also judge a business by its exterior.

When a landscape is correctly maintained, people going by your building can receive a positive first impression of your business. What’s more, a professional commercial landscaper knows how to design a landscape that helps in identifying your business. For example, consider how a traditional landscape design sends a different message than a contemporary one.

Better Community Image

A business that’s properly maintained and attractive is also viewed more favorably by a community. Community officials have the job of regularly determining the condition of a town’s local businesses. In fact, there are some villages and neighborhoods that have certain criteria for exterior upkeep of buildings. If these standards aren’t met, businesses must pay hefty fines.

Expertise and Experience

Professional landscapers are specially trained in knowing how to artfully complete a landscape so that it’s as striking and efficient as possible. They know the differences in various turfs, such as how Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue differ. As a result, they choose the grasses that will work best for your climate and landscape. Moreover, they’re experts and experienced in knowing how to plant shrubs and flowers the proper distance between each other, so the plants look good when fully grown.

Sustainable Landscape Management

While planting some bushes and trees on your commercial property may give it an appealing appearance initially, your plants can begin to deteriorate and even die in only a few months if they aren’t properly sustained. However, when plants are sustained by a commercial landscaping company, they can last a long time and remain attractive. This can save you time as well as money.

Expensive, Specialized Landscaping Equipment

Your business property needs to be maintained and landscaped using expensive and specialized equipment. In addition to having the latest equipment, a commercial landscape business is highly trained and experienced in using these tools and machines, which are usually considerably more complicated and larger than standard landscape equipment used for residential landscapes. Furthermore, it’s also cheaper to hire a professional than having to buy specialized equipment.


Keeping your grass and bushes regularly trimmed and your sidewalks clear can make it less likely for visitors to be injured from overgrown landscaping or slipping on snow or black ice in winter. By hiring a professional landscaper, you can protect yourself against liability if people fall on your property. Besides having to pay a considerable amount of money for initial expenses, your insurance premiums can also skyrocket when accidents occur. This can hurt your company’s reputation so that the damage can’t be repaired.

Considerations and Warnings

  • A detailed and well-groomed landscape can suggest that you have an eye for details, which can make people more likely to use your business.
  • Also, the architecture of a landscape can show just how organized you really are. If your parking lot is clean, and you have stylish sideways and a tidy lawn, people are more likely to sign up as customers.
  • Having a commercial landscape service can give your property a consistent look.
  • Professional commercial landscapers know what’s needed to make a landscape stand out as well as how to tend to a lawn, flowers, and trees.
  • Any service you’re considering hiring needs to know specifics, such as the depth that flower bushes need to be planted and the amount of irrigation needed for newly planted gardens and shrubs.

Are you looking for an exceptional commercial landscape company? Call the professionals at Pemberton Commercial Landscaping and Snow Removal. Please contact us and learn more about how we can make your business property look stunning, so people want to do business with you.

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