About Us

About Us – Eight Years and Growing

For nearly a decade, Pemberton Landscaping has been serving Michiana – and thanks to word-of-mouth, and positive references and referrals from our loyal customers – we will keep growing and expanding, bringing you the very best in landscaping and snow removal.

After growing up on a large hay farm, owner Josh Pemberton decided to combine his years of experience in operating equipment, maintaining grounds in every season and his focused, hardworking mind set to begin his own landscaping business.

His farming background taught Josh the importance of customer service and a positive word of mouth. The Pemberton Landscaping crew make every new client feel like part of the family – and while Pemberton Landscaping isn’t technically a family business, it sure feels that way! The crew have all known and worked together for years, spend time together outside of work. The atmosphere is truly a family environment. In fact, Josh and his wife, Sarah, have a one-year-old son who the crew fondly refer to as “boss,” – as in “he will be boss someday!”

Our Mission

Our mission at Pemberton Landscaping is to design, build, and maintain beautiful and functional landscapes that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Pemberton Landscaping is built on a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of its work. This commitment is accomplished through providing the highest quality of work, demonstrating integrity, and ensuring year-round reliable service. We view our clients’ projects and properties as an investment in our future. We understand the pride our customers take in their property and therefore, we pledge to treat each property as our own.

Our Team

Carl LaVine

Carl has worked for the company since the very beginning. Josh and Carl have been great friends since grade school and took advantage of the opportunity to work together full time. Carl is the main supervisor of all the crews and Josh’s right hand. His loyalty and commitment to the company is invaluable. Carl prides himself in ensuring that each job meets the highest expectations and will not end his work day until all our customers are completely satisfied. There is no better man to fulfill the role as the ‘liaison’ between the company and our clients; while simultaneously acting as a role model for our younger crew members.

Jose Reyes

Jose has been with the company since the very beginning as well. He has over 15 years of experience in the landscaping field and currently acts as our on-site foreman. Jose naturally proved himself a leader after only a short time with us, by demonstrating an incomparable work ethic. Jose does not have to say much to earn the respect of everyone he encounters. Rather, he allows his consistent quality of work set the standard for all our other crew members. Jose is personally requested by numerous clients, and for that reason, we rely on him to train all our new crew members. He does not tolerate sloppy work and has no problem “weeding” out individuals who do not meet the expectations of Pemberton Landscaping.

Robert Urbanski

Robert has worked for Pemberton Landscaping for 5 years and is a perfect example of how seniority is not everything when it comes to being a leader. As one our younger crew members, he has worked extremely hard to earn his position in the company. When Rob joined the crew, he had very minimal landscaping experience. However now, on any given day, you will be able to check out his impeccable mowing skills and his perfect “lines” on his Instagram account. Rob worked his way up in the company by always demonstrating respect, putting the needs of the customer first, and by consistently showing up to work with a positive attitude. Rob’s love for the job is contagious. And one thing we’ve learned along the way, is everyone’s work is better when they’re having fun! This is exactly what makes Robert an irreplaceable crew leader for Pemberton Landscaping.