Villa Owner within a Granger Subdivision

As a villa owner in one of Granger’s subdivisions where a major portion of our monthly dues is for landscaping maintenance including fertilizing, mowing, weed control, trimming and mulching, I, as well as many others in our community, were apprehensive when the decision was made to change companies after having been with a competitor for over a decade. Pemberton, Landscaping assured the homeowners that all services offered by the previous vendor would continue and following an equitable and fair bidding process, Pemberton was awarded the contract.

Whereas Pemberton and his crew began in the fall of 2016 and homeowners have only experienced their services through the winter (Pemberton has also been contracted for snow removal), and into spring of 2017, speaking for myself, I believe the service has been equal to and in many areas, exceeded that of the former company. As might be expected after any change, concerns by some in our community were expressed and Pemberton was quick to meet and address each and every concern. They have acquired additional equipment where necessary to accommodate the needs of the area; have successfully performed all that has been expected and have earned the confidence and respect from me and I believe the majority of the residents in our community.

Mike Reichmann
Knollwood Pak Villas

Property Manager, Main Street Village, Granger

Pemberton has been our sole landscaping and snow removal company for the past few years. Josh and his team are professional and do amazing work. Our residents even send us compliments on the quality of their work. Whatever we need they always come through for us. I would recommend Pemberton to anyone.

Bryan Yeske
Property Manager
Main Street Village
Marquette Management

Owner, Thinker, ThinkPod Agency, Mishawaka

An absolute must if you run a business or have any commercial property – for safety reasons as well as how your company presents itself to clients. Pemberton’s crew was not only knowledgeable and incredibly responsive, but they also brought safety concerns to my attention that I would have never thought about such as having them come out during the summer/fall to do a property assessment BEFORE it starts snowing and you can’t see the curbs, potential fall risks, etc. I’ve dealt with a lot of landscaping and snow/ice/plow companies before, but never one that was so pro-active. The owner, Josh, actually had a plan for me to review without me even asking, which I thought was pretty cool. And… I’m not going to lie… my other landscaping company just did what I asked and never put much more thought into it than that – Pemberton blew me away by not only saving me money with an annual plan, but everything looks sooooo much better. I highly, highly recommend Pemberton Landscaping to any company that wants a safe, incredibly professional, and welcoming business front for their clients. Great job guys – you’re stuck with me now 🙂

Aubrey Burkhart
Owner, Thinker
ThinkPod Agency