Spring Cleaning in Michiana

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While the arrival of Spring in Michiana can be a finicky thing, there are finally signs that the growing season is near. But, sometimes when we venture outside and look at what winter has left behind, we realize it isn’t just the interior of our homes that can use a good cleaning.

With the forecast finally looking promising, many of our clients are scheduling a good old-fashioned spring clean-up to get their commercial landscape in its best shape.

So What Does Spring Clean-Up in Commercial Landscaping look like?

These spring clean-up services — available through Pemberton Landscaping’s Spring Cleaning program — will breathe life back into commercial landscaping after a long winter season.

Remove Leaves, Weeds & Landscape Debris

A good-looking lawn and landscape start with the removal of leaves, weeds, litter and fallen limbs. And while a debris-free property is a great start, this service isn’t done for aesthetics alone. Removing debris from your landscaping mulch, flower beds or lawn also prevents leaves and other organic material from rotting on your property’s lawn and flower beds. Rotting leaves lead to mold and mildew; they also attract pests and smother plant and lawn access to sunlight and air circulation.

Redefining Property Edges – and adding new edging around landscape

Clean property lines and edging around parking lot curbs look sharp and crisp. Redefined edging around plant beds and tree rings is a lot like framing your favorite picture – it brings out the best parts of the photo and draws the eye to it.

When done properly, a well-defined edge will help hold back grass roots and weeds from creeping into a landscaped bed. It also makes mowing up to flower bed edges easier and greatly reduces the risk of damage. This step must be done before pre-emergent and fresh mulch are applied.

Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

A PreEmergent lawn care product eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth — before you even see them. This important spring cleaning step prevents weeds from taking root. In most cases, when this preventive step is taken routinely, it reduces the need for weed killers later in the year.

Pre-emergent should be applied early in the season, when soil temperatures are still below 50 degrees. If pre-emergent is applied too late, you run the risk of battling weeds all spring and summer long.

Add A Fresh Layer Of Mulch

Once the pre-emergent has been applied, adding a fresh layer of mulch can give your commercial landscaping an immediate face lift.  Adding a 3- to 4-inch layer of new mulch in the spring comes with a handful of benefits for your beds. Mulch can help fight weed germination and growth. It also helps the soil retain moisture and stay cooler as temperatures rise into the summer months.

Additional Services Available for Spring Clean Up

  • Mowing property
  • Bag and haul away all organic matter
  • Aerating
  • Bush and shrub trimming
  • Tree trimming
  • Re-seed damaged areas of the lawn

Have You Scheduled Spring Clean-Up For Your Commercial Property?

Don’t wait until the last minute — now is the ideal time to be sure your commercial property looks its best this Spring. While it depends on the size of your landscape, property managers should know that spring clean-up for commercial landscapes is a painless process and typically completed in one visit.

Take action before the weeds do! Let Pemberton help you take back control of your landscape in 2018. Call us any time at (574) 876-1127 or fill out this simple contact form and we will be in touch.

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