Spring is coming, but you can leave the cleanup work to us

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Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your house. Come March (even when we get a few surprise snow falls), it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up your landscaping and preparing your lawn for the spring and summer growing seasons. Early spring is a great time to begin several early lawn cleanup tasks. As we say goodbye to winter and prepare for warmer weather, let’s explore at a few yard and landscaping areas homeowners can tackle themselves.

Clean up around plants.

Freezing temps leave landscaping areas filled with dead foliage, fallen leaves left over from autumn and weather-worn mulch. To prepare landscaped areas for new growth, now is the time to rake out any leaves and remove dead plants (that can smother new growth or even spread disease.) If the threat of frost is over, removing the top layer of old mulch makes way for fresh mulch to be added once any new Spring planting is complete.

Take stock of your lawn condition, and prep damaged areas for Spring seeding.

Take a walk around your yard and make note of any damaged or bare areas. Remove turf damaged by salt, plows, animals, snow or ice cover to prepare for the seeding that should follow in a few weeks. In Northern Indiana, late March or early April is a good time to add the first round of fertilizer and crabgrass treatment. (If your yard did not make it through the winter intact, keep this in mind before the cold weather comes around again. A lawn managed on a sound lawn care program should be able to recover from most of what winter can put it through.)

Don’t forget your hardscape surfaces.

Check the condition of your driveway, patios and walkways. Clear any debris and rake escaped gravel back into aggregate (loose gravel or stone) walkways and fill any large depressions with new gravel. Sweep flagstone and paved areas and add new stone dust or sand to prevent loose areas. A good pressure washing to remove any dirt, stains, and mildew.

We are here to help

If this all sounds like more than you are able, or want to tackle on the weekends, Pemberton Landscaping can cater our spring clean-up services to your specific needs. Our team makes sure you get the personalized grounds care services you actually care about—whether that be tree trimming, garden bed care, soil pH testing, fertilization and more. We are here to get your property season-ready without you ever having to pull a weed, lift a rake or mow the lawn.

To learn more about how Pemberton Landscaping can get your lawn and landscaping ready for Spring and Summer, call us today at 574.876.1127 or send us an email.

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