Tis the Season for Holiday Decorating: Make the most of your existing landscape

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It’s that time of year – we have officially entered the busy holiday season, full of family gatherings and company holiday parties. If you host one of these events, no doubt the inside of your home or office will be filled with sparkling lights, holiday décor and festive music to create a cheerful holiday atmosphere for your guests. 

But, as we are fond of saying here at Pemberton Landscaping, first impressions start outside – and during the holidays this certainly holds true. You can begin setting the perfect holiday ambiance right from the curb when guests arrive. Let’s look at a few ways to create the perfect outdoor holiday decorations that work with your landscaping. 

Use lights to highlight your yard or property’s natural beauty

If there is a tree or ornamental shrub that is a focal point of your landscaping year-round, you can keep it front and center during the holidays. Illuminating a solitary tree in the landscape can make a subtle and elegant statement. To add interest, you can highlight the natural structure of a tree with intricate branch wrapping (while being careful not to disturb spring blooming branches).

Place net lights on bushes and hedges

Net lights are a quick, uniform lighting solution for homes and commercial properties with a variety of bushes and shrubs. This option is also gentler on your existing landscaping by allowing you to cover bushes and hedges without disturbing the branches as much. These 4′ by 6′ rectangles are netted by their wires and come in colorful light themes with both LED and incandescent bulbs.

Turn Summer planting pots into holiday focal points

While you have probably removed your summer plants and soil from your outdoor pots, you don’t have to put them in storage yet. If the pots are weatherproof, the holidays are a great time to fill them with cut evergreen boughs, branches and berries. Look around your yard and use found items such as pine cones, boxwood, and holly. A winter display adds a finishing touch to your landscaping, and will look lovely when snow begins falling.

Dress up your entryways

Use live trees to dress up your front door or building’s main entrance. Smaller specimens, such as Frasier fir and Alberta spruce, are readily available in potted containers, or you can plant these smaller trees in your existing pots and dress them up to match your other decorations. Add birch branches, corn stalks and gourds for Thanksgiving. Lights and holly are perfect accents for Christmas, and arrangements of silver glitter branches (that you can spray paint yourself as an easy DIY!) for New Year’s. When the season is over, you will have a beautiful evergreen for that perfect spot in your landscaping—making this a financially smart decorating move as well!

Incorporate existing benches or porch swings

Put a bench or porch swing to work on the off-season by giving it holiday spirit with an arrangement of holiday greenery, pine cones, ornaments or ribbon. Look around your garden for small spaces to stage a winter display. A basket of pine cones with cut boxwood will dress up an empty bench, and give you a reason to clear your yard of pine cones and debris for the season.

Add whimsy to your window boxes

Window boxes are a perfect place to add holiday greenery, oversized Christmas bulbs or lights, which are visible from inside during the day and illuminate the windowsills after the sun goes down.

Turn existing landscaping lights into holiday accent lights

If you want subtle holiday landscape lighting, you can exchange existing landscaping lighting with the Christmas colors of red and green with adding filters or switching bulbs. Some lighting options now allow you to add fake falling snowflakes to your landscape, or even a subtle glittering appearance to your plants and trees.

Ask for help!

Pemberton Landscaping can make suggestions about how to care for existing landscaping while planning your holiday décor and can help commercial properties with designing and placing lights and décor. Contact us for more information about our services this holiday season!

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