Top 5 Ways Your Company Benefits from Commercial Landscaping

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The exterior of your business is like the face you show the community and making it beautiful shows how happy you are to be a part of your city. Of course, you wouldn’t let a broken window or crumbling bricks go un-repaired and every few years you wash off the ambient grime so your building looks nice and shiny. Why shouldn’t you do the same for your grounds? Plain grass and a tree or two isn’t the same as a beautifully landscaped garden where employees and clients can stroll or sit. Landscaping offers a number of benefits to your business from employee morale to community support. Here are the top five:

1) Pride in Your Workplace

People love to walk past a beautiful garden. Even if they don’t stop to spend time there, just seeing a lovely arrangement of sculpted and well-kept flowers brings a smile to our faces and a skip in our step. They can make a bad day seem a little better and they show that whoever occupies the buildings nearby really cares about their surroundings. This is a wonderful thing for employees to feel as then come into work every day and a landscaped garden around their workplace makes them proud to be a part of an organization that is willing to create a little casual beauty.

2) Appealing to Clients

When you invite a client to your office building, the goal is always to simultaneously impress them and welcome them to relax in your lovely venue. No doubt you’ve spent time and money on sculpting what the inside of your building looks like, from the sconce lights to the reception desk, but your clients are looking at your building long before they enter the front door. A sculpted garden makes a lasting first impression and makes them feel that you care about their experience with your business when even your grounds are arranged to please them.

3) Use Your Outdoor Space

You already own the grounds, why not do something with them? Try taking a moment to or from the office to look at whatever patch of grass surrounds your office building and entertain your inner artist. Imagine what kind of sculpted garden could be made with the space that could create a natural haven for the eyes and nose. Bright flowers and dark shrubs, new trees or accents to the trees that already exist, maybe even a little garden path for employees to take a relaxing walk through during their breaks would all be fantastic additions to your little patch of ground. Even a small amount of landscaping could transform the space into something both impressive and relaxing, making great use of your otherwise ignored outdoor space.

4) Support Local Wildlife

Your landscaping doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing, alone. If you’re environmentally inclined, you can use this space to support local birds and other small creatures by planting local trees, flowers, and shrubs as part of your landscaping plan. You can give a place for friendly honey bees, humming birds, and even common sparrows and squirrels a place to live and eat within the urban sprawl while creating a little extra oxygen for everyone.

5) Good Community Relations

Communities love it when businesses take pride in their location. It shows how much you appreciate both being able to work in the area and that you want to give back. Simply by landscaping the grounds around your building, you can give back to the community by making the street a little lovelier for everyone. Locals will think more kindly about your business, even if they never thought about you before. When their eyes are caught by your bright flower arrangements or passers by catch a whiff of delightful fragrance, they will check your street sign to discover which business has provided a little extra enjoyment to the lives of everyone in the neighborhood.

Landscaping is a great way to make your building beautiful, your employees proud, and your community happy to have you. Just think, if a few flowers can do all that, what else could you do with that little strip of grass?

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