Why commercial landscaping matters year-round (especially in South Bend and Northern Indiana)

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First impressions matter – and when it comes to business, curb appeal is often the first impression you give to potential customers. No matter what type of business — be it a clothing boutique, physician office or large apartment complex – a key part of drawing in new clientele is the outward appearance of your business. If your landscaping, parking lot or general lawn maintenance is subpar, customers often view it as a direct reflection of the level of care you put into your business.

Beyond signage, lighting or window displays, the landscaping maintenance of your property tells a silent story to your customers. If your outdoor space appears rundown and messy, the public can easily assume that your customer service and products aren’t on par either.  Overgrown landscaping, un-mowed lawns and even poorly cared for parking lots and pathways during winter months all impact public perception of your company. The last thing you want to do is drive away customers because of how bad your outdoor space appears.

Continual Maintenance

We understand property maintenance isn’t something business owners can spend a lot of time on. Your focus is running a successful business operation. A professional landscaping company can take the worry and guess work out of improving and maintaining your outdoor space, year-round.

Care during Winter Months

Property maintenance doesn’t stop when the flowers stop blooming. Leaving dead or overgrown plants during the colder months creates an uncared for, or forgotten appearance. And when the snow and ice begin to fall, unclear parking lots and walkways can keep customers from making it to your door. Pemberton is set up to handle both year-long property maintenance and snow and ice removal for commercial businesses.

Annual Flower Planting

We all know how fickle Michiana-weather can be, and often that spells trouble for certain plants, flowers, and trees. By understanding local soil and weather conditions, and how your plants respond to your property, a professional landscaper can plan the planting season accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction

With a year-round landscaper on the job, your customers will always see a well-kept and beautiful property, even during the dead of winter. A well maintained landscape creates a welcoming experience for your customers and will help increase traffic coming through the door.  Don’t let neglected greenspace or disorderly landscaping be the first thing that potential customers see.

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