Why You Should Prepare for Snow Removal Long Before the First Flurries

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Do you have a property large enough to require more than a simple driveway shoveling in the winter? A lot of people and businesses do and life doesn’t stop just because the snow falls. Many property owners hire snow removal services annually, but more often than that, this occurs far too late. By the time the snow is piling up, it will be hard to tell the difference between your parking area, your outdoor fixtures, and irregular ground that doesn’t need to be cleared. To get the best results from your snow removal company, consider booking them in the summer months when your property is easy to survey and pleasant to walk.

Preparing vs Reacting

The way most property owners handle their need for snow removal in a reactive way, calling for assistance once the snow is too deep to handle. However, snow removal isn’t like repairing a surprise flat tire or ordering a pizza which are natural just-in-time services. If you’ve owned your property for more than a year or two, you know the first big snow is coming and that you’ll eventually need snow removal, in knee-deep in freezing snow and competing for dozens of other property owners who need appraisals and quotes? Rather than reacting to the first deep snow with surprise and dismay, you can prepare for what you know is an inevitability.

Making a Snow Removal Plan

Usually, you don’t need snow removal for every inch of your property, just the areas that see the most traffic and therefore will need to be cleared for use. Driveways, parking areas, and public spaces that are still used in the winter are all great examples of where you’ll need removal, while open fields, uneven ground and in-between areas that are not used by foot or vehicle traffic can be left alone. Rather than trying to explain your ground area to a snow removal service when everything is under a thick layer of fluffy, evenly distributed snow, why not invite them to map out your removal plan while everything is still visible? This will make it much easier for quick and efficient removal when the time comes and ensure that your service brings along enough salt for the square feet you’ll need to be covered.

Collecting Quotes

Chances are that if you live in an area that sees a great deal of snow in the winter, there is more than one removal service nearby. By starting early, you can collect quotes for your property before you’re desperate and worried and long before they are booked up with other customers. This gives you the ability to clearly weigh the quotes against each other without the sense of urgency created by continually piling snow. You can take your time in a way that is impossible with the reactive just-in-time mentality. When you decide on the service who can offer you the best value, let them know and begin appraisals. This acts as a sort of RSVP, allowing your snow removal company to also plan for your service rather than reacting to emergency requests for assistance.

With a little forward thinking now, while it’s still warm and enjoyable to spend time outside, can save you hours, dollars, and hassle spent out in the cold. Your snow removal company doesn’t disappear when the snow melts, they spend that intervening time planning and preparing for the next cold season. They buy salt, polish the plows, and happily fulfill requests for early planning property owners like you. Whether you need ten feet or a thousand cleared, the best time to explain this to your snow removal company is when you can easily show them.

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