Winter: Tis the season for great landscape design.

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The new growth and flowering blooms of spring feel like a dream right now. Especially when everything in Michiana is covered in snow. But what better time to dream (and plan) than the middle of winter?

If you are planning a landscape design project for Spring, we are here to encourage you to start the planning process now – not when the warmer weather returns. If you have ever had landscape design or landscape construction work done, you understand exactly why we might suggest this. Good design is the foundation of a successful landscape project, and creating that winning design takes time.

This is true of both residential and commercial landscaping and design projects, but it becomes particularly important for commercial projects that will incorporate hardscapes, water features or new irrigation systems. In order to see your project built in Spring or Summer, you need to start the creative process in late fall or winter.

 Here are just a few benefits of cold-weather design and planning:

 1. Adequate time to choose, and work with, an experienced landscape architect.

If your project involves significant items, such as hardscape elements, drainage issues, or even carpentry, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced landscaping company skilled in this type of design and installation. The landscape architect will need time to bring your vision to life, and the team will need time to assess your existing site conditions. Another big issue, and one that is often overlooked, is the building in the necessary time to review any potential city or county ordinances when it comes to digging, construction and general land setback requirements (for design areas in flood plains or close to city streets or public walkways.) The landscaping company will need time to request necessary permits and address concerns from the city, county or state agencies before breaking ground. This type of design will go through multiple rounds of editing, feedback and redesign. Starting in the winter gives ample time for the entire creative and logistical process.

 2. Troubleshooting in advance

By allowing for adequate design time, your landscape architect will be able to review budgetary concerns, choose the best materials and plan the details to avoid having to change the design mid-project – which can be both costly and time consuming. Developing a design is not only a matter of considering aesthetics and budget – it is a completed blueprint that the landscaping team can efficiently and effectively build from.

3. Hiring your first choice in their slower season

There is the critical component of the landscape architect’s schedule to consider. You want to start introducing your project into their planned build schedule and make certain they can achieve your goals. This extra time will also enable you to make sure you and your landscaping team are compatible – as a good working relationship will make the entire process more pleasant and less stressful.

Clients often don’t realize the design to construction process can take several months. This can lead to disappointment come spring when they realize their exciting landscaping project may not be possible in the timeframe they anticipated. We never want our clients disappointed – which is why we recommend a cold-weather start for your warm-weather landscaping goals. Take advantage of these Winter months and you could be ready to break ground as soon as the ground thaws on your perfect landscape project! Contact Pemberton Landscaping today to get started on your Spring landscaping project! Let’s start dreaming of Spring together.

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